Brinzio centocase millecose

The cover of "Brinzio Centocase Millecose"Edited by the Village council and the Pro Brinzio, it contains over two hundred pages dealing with the history, legends and anecdotes of an extraordinary village. The book is well presented, offering a complete picture of the daily life and the changes that have occurred over the years.  It mentions in detail the contributors and sources from which the book has been compiled and highlights the important research work carried out by the editors.  Last, but not least, you can find a nice collection of writings and rhymes in dialect "Brinziese" a lesser used language but still visible in some parts of the village.
Available to purchase at all events organized by the Pro Brinzio.

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Ho il riccio grinzoso ma il cuor generoso

The cover of "Ho il riccio grinzoso ma il cuor generoso"Compiled in collaboration with the students of the "D. Piccinelli" primary school it is a small book containing recipes and tips about the fruit that is Brinzio, the chestnut. The chestnut, a source of livelihood for many generations, is a nutritious food and can be prepared in many ways. Available to purchase at all events organized by the Pro Brinzio.

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 Ricordi di un Brinzio lontano

The cover of "Ricordi di un Brinzio lontano""My Brinzio is Brinzio of oxen and barozze, with the chickens in the street and the women with their clogs and of "re bugada", the laundry: with clothes that have to be washed in the streams, over a large stone, the "pioda", knees, breaking the ice in winter; the Brinzio men with hobnailed boots and boys summer barefoot; there was no tap water, only the wells that were in the various courtyards, you cultivated hemp and in winter women spun together in the stables."
These are memories of Carlo Scaramuzzi (born in 1910), his is a long flowing story with memories imagined by a warm fireplace; images, smells and sounds of a world that no longer exists, that of the last century. It is a reconstructed Brinzio of long ago but also an example of the spirit that unites the villages, valleys and countryside of all of Lombardy.
For sale in the village of Brinzio at the Museum of Rural Culture and in all local libraries.  (Also available online).

Series "il vento della memoria", ISBN 978-88-6570-000-6

Price: 15,00 Euro